Flipped For Dipped!

Its so refreshing to see something original and innovative on the market that tastes even better than it looks. Frankie’s Fruit & Chocolate makes totally irresistible hand dipped dried fruits in high quality dark chocolate—like mango, pineapple, apricots and banana strips.

The Frankie’s product I am most in love with are their “Circles”. I have never seen anything quite like them before and let me tell you— I love them! They start with handcrafted circles of dark or white chocolate in either Trail Mix (diced apricots & pineapple, golden and dark raisins, cranberries & roasted almonds), Tropical Fruit (diced pineapple & papaya, crunchy banana chips & roasted macadamia nuts) and Classic (golden raisins & roasted peanuts). Want me to pick a favorite? NOPE—I love them all. These go on my favorite list!