One of the great things about the summer is that glow that you get on your skin and how it leaves the need for make up behind. My summer routine is very simple—a little gloss + mascara = done! Recently I found the perfect summer-time gloss to complete my look. It is by Primitive Makeup and the color is: Ibiza and it is a beautiful copper shimmer. Just what you need for summer—the best part is this gloss goes on very smooth and isn’t sticky. Picture those summer nights, your hair blowing in the wind—NOT stuck on your lips! Nice! The whole line looks gorgeous and all the colors are very classy and natural looking. The idea of the Primitive Makeup line is to “create an exceptional, natural line of makeup — one that would be sophisticated in its quality, performance, color, packaging, and presentation. For us, it is essential that the makeup line be 100% all natural, made entirely of naturally occurring ingredients, with no synthetics, additives, or preservatives.” Go online and find your natural lip match now! I am ALL about putting healthy things in your body, on your body and in your home.