Fudge Happens. Have a ball!

What could be better than a chocolate truffle filled with rich, creamy, all-natural, gourmet fudge? That is exactly what Cocopotamus is! A truly exotic experience stemming from an American tradition. Cocopotamus truffle enrobed fudge is different though, it is dark chocolate that is rich and flavorful, smooth and creamy with a perfect balance of sweetness. Not only do Cocopotamus truffles taste wonderful they have cute, trendy packages with fun, unique flavors. Here is what I tried:

Hottie: Mexican Cinnamon & Red Hot Chili Fudge. Just a touch of cinnamon and a little kick of Chili made this fudge fantastic!
Cupcake: Classic Dark Chocolate Fudge. My favorite! I was able to taste just the pure quality of the ingredients used and appreciate the dark chocolates layered on top of one another.
Lemon Shiver: Zesty Lemon Fudge. Moist and delicious fudge with a light hint of refreshing lemon. Yum!