I love, love, love Indian food but don’t always feel like going out to get it. Yes, I have tried to prepare it myself before but its just not the same. So I was so thrilled to try these Grab n’ Go meals by Sukhi. These awesome sandwiches are prepared on naan bread—totally original! They taste as good as they smell with aromatic herbs and spices just bursting from them. So far I have tried two varieties and both are totally delicious. My first pick was Spiced Sweet & Sour Garbanzo Bean Sandwich—Channa Masala made of: naan of course, garbanzo beans, onions, ginger, garlic, spices, jalapeno, curry, chili, lime peel, mint cilantro and the list goes on! It made for an amazing combination and tasted like an authentic Indian dish. The next day I was so excited to sink my teeth into the Indian Style Spinach & Tofu Sandwich and I have to say this is a total favorite. It started with naan bread and was filled with their own spinach filling of spinach, potatoes, tofu, oinions, spices and then topped with their own mint chutney. Check out their website for more meals and even more naan-wiches.