I feel like Chicken Tonight!

Last night chicken was calling my name. Sadly, it was pouring outside so no grilled chicken for me. Instead, I made some baked chicken drumsticks in the oven. The chicken by Just Bare Chicken is special because it is just natural, healthy chicken all with “a straightforward, honest commitment to respecting our people, animals and planet.” I love that and I love how juicy and fresh this chicken is. I loved biting into the drumstick knowing I was not consuming any strange additives and the taste was so good because it was chicken that is well Just Chicken! The folks at Just Bare Chicken take extra precautions to make sure that the product that you receive is thoroughly inspected, properly stored, safe and fresh. I also love their commitment to their animals—they are certified cage-free and their animals have the freedom to roam, eat/drink on their schedule, interact and stay safe all at the same time.