Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly Soap????

It’s 100% true; there is a company that makes vegetarian and vegan friendly soap!!! That company is Sarva Natural Artisan Soap. The Sarva company makes sure their soaps meet their “natural standards” before shipping out any product to the consumer. They take pride in every batch of soap they make by handcrafting each soap in small maintainable batches. The fragrance and color of their soaps come from all the spices, clays, botanicals, and other natural materials they use. I have had the chance to try out 3 fragrances gentle mint, purity, and oats and honey. Out of the 3 gentle mint was my favorite, it was very rich and soothing. The lather on all 3 soaps was amazing and gentle on any sensitive skin. If you don’t believe me jump on Sarva’s website and take a peek at the ingredients used in each one of their custom handmade soaps. “In the near future, Sarva is introducing soaps made completely from certified vegetable oils, as well as working to eliminate palm oil as much as possible. They will transition to sustainably harvested, RSPO-certified organic palm oil until they have a chance to (a) reformulate some soaps and (b) investigate the legitimacy of RSPO certification and whether it is truly a green choice. Many of their soaps are already palm-free. Palm oil harvesting is a huge concern as it is creating massive tropical deforestation and habitat destruction. Sarva has also adopted an orangutan named Kesi through Orangutan Outreach, and we directly fund her rehabilitation and placement into a new habitat.” WELL DONE SARVA, WELL DONE….