Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Hemp

Fashionable style with all organic materials, from the cotton used to make the shirt to the ink used to give the shirt some very unique designs. Zavella is an upbeat fashion, and earth friendly company with some flare. Every single piece of apparel produced by Zavella is made from top quality organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Using these eco-friendly materials is what makes their apparel so comfortably soft and able to last a lifetime. Check out this long sleeve, even the ink used to stamp the design is a water based ink. I have worn this shirt to the gym for a light workout and also out with my friends on a Friday night. The shirts can be worn pretty much anywhere at any time; they are also a good conversation piece. I have been asked on numerous occasions on where others can purchase the shirt and what the designs on the shirts are as well. Zavella has a variety of different sizes and colors to choose from; check out their website for a look into what I like to call the NEW and UNQUE anytime apparel.