Smokehouse Taste

I love food grilled on a coal grill rather than a gas grill, it always tastes better. You get that smoked taste especially if you have the scented coals. If you like the smoked taste like I do you need to try Western’s Smokehouse smoked snack sticks. The sticks are like beef jerky but moist instead of dry. Every piece of Western’s Smokehouse sticks are made from lean cuts of tender beef and pork, then they add their secret ingredient of herbs and spices to make the sticks POP!!! They have a WIDE variety of flavors as well including: Bar-B-Que, Cajun, Jalapeno, and Sweet just to name a few. If you like Sweet and Spicy try eating the Jalapeno and Sweet sticks at the same time you will soon find out after the flavor hits your pallet that its one of the most flavorful and tasty afternoon treats.