Gluten Free and Kosher Candy….

If you have any allergies to certain products, or you are Vegan, or only eat kosher products. Then you will be extremely excited when I tell you that Illinois Nut and Candy company has you in mind. They have all sorts of nuts, chocolates, and candy that are casein free, food dye free, gluten free, organic, lactose free, sugar free, and vegan friendly. I got to try a variety of their rich and creamy chocolates and my favorite roasted cashews and almonds that are to die for. They also sent me a bag of caramel corn. Let me tell you being pregnant I have tried things that I never thought I would and I have been mixing caramel corn with cheese popcorn and boy oh boy is it ever good. So I took the caramel corn that Illinois Nut and Candy send me and mixed it with some cheese popcorn from the store and it was delicious. I do want to mention that the caramel corn is lactose free for those of you who were curious. They have over 50 different items to choose from take a minute to peek at there website you will not be disappointed.