Salad Fixings Galore

Croutons, cranberries, crispy onions, glazed walnuts, tortilla strips, all sound like a party on a salad to me. Well, I don’t know about all of my readers out there, but I like a little crunch, flavor, and kick to my salads and Fresh Gourmet makes it happen. I can choose from ranch, butter & garlic, Caesar, or just go with the good old fashioned seasoned croutons. My favorite is the old fashioned seasoned with enough seasoning to give every bite of my salad a little kick. If you want some sweetness to your salad try adding the unbelievable rich tasting glazed walnut, or throw on a few cranberries, or dump a hand full of golden raisins. It’s your choice with Fresh Gourmet they thought of it all!!!!