Natural Art Supplies

Check this out!!! All Natural Modeling dough by Clementine Art made from flour, water, salt, soybean oil, cream of tartar, and natural colors and scents (turmeric, carmine and spinach). The smell of the strawberry, lemon and lime modeling dough smells so good you want to eat it instead of play with it. The dough will not crumble no matter how much you stretch it, pound it and mold it. You can wash it out of clothes with soap and warm water (BONUS). Since this dough is all natural it will stay good and stretchy for about 12 months if the cover is sealed correctly. Finally, look at the cool design of these natural soy crayons they work just as great if not better than the name brand crayons. They also have a unique shape to fit in your child’s hand comfortably.