Rando’s Bakery

When I was contemplating what I wanted for dinner last night I knew it had to be a homemade meatball sub! Using Butterballs turkey meatballs, my very own marinara sauce and Rando’s Italian bread it was hands down the perfect sandwich. The best part about these Rando Bakery Italian bread loaves is that they are par-baked meaning you have to finish the baking process leaving you with a fresh, hot, crispy on the outside- chewy on the inside piece of bread. Their HAND-MADE bread only needs to be heated in a 425 degree oven for 10 short minutes and you have a little slice of heaven. Not to mention the delicious smell that lingers in your kitchen. They have quite a few varieties like white (pictured), seeded and whole wheat. I am a huge fan of their unique 50% cooking process because the bread tasted fresh out of the oven and the homemade taste was stupendous. I have not had bakery bread that compared in a really long time.