New Line Up

I am trying out a new pressed mineral foundation by Emani. First of all, if I had designed a compact it would look exactly like this! I love it—chic, stylish and simple. Secondly, the foundation went on REALLY smooth with a really even coverage. Since I have a reddish tone to my skin but do not like a full coverage makeup that looks heavy this was perfect for me. This was my very first experience with a mineral makeup and doubt I will be going back. Underneath the mineral foundation I am using a moisturizing primer that makes it easy to smooth on the makeup and leaves a perfect finish. This combo works great together. Emani Cosmetics can be found online—they are vegan and cruelty free while being commited to being an earth friendly company. Their customer service is also phenomenal and they will help you pick the right cosmetics for your skin, tone and needs.